About Us

Designed to connect providers and healthcare professionals, Xpress Health is the Nursing agency platform you can rely on.

Our Story

Xpress Health began when we saw the need for a better way to staff healthcare facilities.

We saw nurses and other healthcare professionals searching for a wider variety of work opportunities, competitive pay, and ultimately the power to choose what their work-life looks like. We saw healthcare providers constantly in need of creative solutions, dependable staff, and support they can rely on. We saw a way to help!

We strongly believed with the use of technology we can help with the healthcare staffing crisis by better allocation of resources among organizations,

Empowering Healthcare Professionals & Providers

Our Xpress Health app empowers nurses and other healthcare professionals to make a living doing what they love, when and where they want. We seek to create a community of compassionate healthcare professionals inspired to create the work-life balance that works for them. Xpress Health has a solution for every need and is here to support 24/7. Our platform delivers easy-to-use, effective, and innovative tools that help providers streamline their day-to-day operations and optimize their show rates. Xpress Health’s nationwide network of seasoned, reliable healthcare professionals in tandem with a dedicated support team is here to help.


We genuinely care about each other and those we serve. Because when people feel cared for, they care more, and good things naturally happen.


We believe supporting the success of others lifts us all. We see every interaction as an opportunity to build relationships and enhance experiences. Building positivity among everyone involved with us.


We have the mindset that there's always a better way to do things and bring value to those we serve by staying ahead of trends and embracing new technologies. And ensuring these technologies positively influence the healthcare organisations we work with.