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Find the shifts that fit your life, work as often as you want, and create a nursing career that doesn’t make you choose between your paycheck and your personal life. Pick up single shifts or schedule a block of shifts, get paid right after you work, and manage your credentials, all with our easy-to-use app.

  • 3500+ Compliant Staff
  • Operating All Over Ireland
  • 10MM+ hours of Care Delivered
  • Available 24/7
Built to Reduce Agency Costs for Nursing Homes & Hospitals

Xpress Health focusses on delivering your staffing requirements at the lowest possible costs. We use our technology driven solution to reduce all admin costs incurred and we pass the savings onto you.

You will be able to control your agency spend by being able to see the number of Nurses or Carers (HCA) shifts booked by your Nursing Home/Hospital and you also be able to request/cancel/amend shifts as per your liking without any costs. The portal will also allow you to see all the compliance documents of staff members working at your location. Xpress Health does not allow any staff member to work on shifts, if their compliance levels aren’t 100%.

You will be able too book shifts last minute via the client portal and our teams will be working on it straight away! With more than 3500+ Nurses & Carers (HCAs) working with Xpress Health, We will be able to fill your shifts in minutes.

Medical Staffing Across Ireland

Nursing Homes and Hospitals! Imagine this—your facility being able to build, maintain, and manage a thriving healthcare workforce seamlessly and cost-effectively. Done! Our technology-driven workforce solutions make it easy for you to navigate the complexities of nurse staffing, cut costs, and achieve better shift fulfilment.
Xpress Health is not a staffing agency. We are a workforce management partner that can help you manage your healthcare staffing requirements more efficiently using technologically driven solutions. We ensure that outsourced staffing support solutions like ourselves are used sustainably and reduce the financial pressures on the medical organisations.
All the medical staff registered with Xpress Health are able to take control of their work schedules by working only when they want to! With cutting out the middlemen our medical staff enjoy amongst the highest rates in the market.

Certified Worker Platform

#1 Nursing jobs app

Operating All Over Ireland

2000+ Credentialed Staff

10mm+ hours of care delivered

Our Blogs

Xpress Health is the best agency out there now. They pay on time, plenty of shifts. Highly recommend it!

Lori Gutierrez

Joined Xpress Health a few weeks ago for some extra shifts, fast and easy registration, staff always there to assist with all the queries, love the Xpress app and you can find most of the times daily shifts.

Maria Vasiliu


“Xpress is fantastic for healthcare workers, the payment is good and always ensure that we have enough shifts. They work with almost all Hospitals and Nursing Homes in Dublin. There are many shifts available for nurses in Psych units as well.”

Andrew Maguire


“Xpress have a great team of staff who are willing to help round the clock and they have very experienced Staff Nurses and HCA’S who always ready to take calls even on short notice. All the best to the team.”

Abraham T Varghese